Since 1986, T.A.C. has specialized in the design, construction and maintenance of reinforced concrete and steel vessels with corrosion-resistant linings for stock storage and treatment. Our expertise also covers incinerators, cooling towers, secondary confinement pits and process floors with corrosion-resistant linings such as:

  • structural ceramic tile
  • acid / caustic resistant brick
  • thermoplastic
  • polymer-modified concrete
  • urethane, vinyl ester and rubber linings
  • epoxy (or other resin) linings and coatings

T.A.C. offers extensive and varied technical experience in the inspection, protection and /or rehabilitation of steel or concrete structures. Rehabilitation work includes rebuilding tanks, as well as roof and/or floor slabs, exposed to atmospheric and chemical deterioration. Our engineering capabilities allow us to increase design load capacities resulting from floor load alterations as well as changes to process conditions or location of equipment.

To aid clients maintain, and even extend, the life expectancy of their equipment or vessels, T.A.C. also offers ongoing technical support and inspection services leading to the implementation of a predictive and preventive maintenance program on all process systems.

Quality Control is paramount. T.A.C. is dedicated to a policy of intensive quality control with regard to all aspects of its operations. All partners maintain memberships in various technical associations and regularly attend conferences and trade shows to keep abreast of new developments so as to provide the most innovative solutions tailored to the clients’ needs.