1986: TAC is founded by Robert Baird and Michel Girard

1987: The company penetrates the Pulp and Paper industry with the design and construction of a ceramic-lined white water tank

1989: Andrew Baird joins the company and is primarily involved with contracts in the Mining industry

1991: The team expands to include Robert Gallant who specializes in the maintenance of corrosion-resistant linings in the Pulp and Paper industry

1996: Daniel Ross, who had previously worked for one of the largest construction contractors in North America, joins the ranks as manager in charge of construction projects.

2001: TAC completes the design and construction of the largest pulp storage tank in Canada

2002: One of TAC’s most successful contracts, the relining of four titanium dioxide reactors, is completed.

2002: TAC’s Western Canada counterpart, Technical Acid Construction T.A.C. West Limited, is created.

2007: T.A.C. officially celebrates 20 years of providing design, construction and maintenance services